Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tenda - Seitlhamo Motsapi

i look at you

& you remind me of all the


i haven't seen or embraced

& since you are like every one of us

you rise out of my heart

with the craggy serenity of kilimanjaro

enduring like prophecies

peaceful like distances

since you are like all of us

eternal like every river

even when the sea claims us

for me you carry affirmations

a sprout in the parch, a mend in the rend

water from an ancient well

& since every one of us

carries the seeds of a storm within him

since the mountains come to rest

in the breast of every one of us

beginning the long journey across the desert

since the forests & the skies & the faces of children

overflow with lessons of love

for all to learn

i will always remember you

& your face that is the end of all roads

poetry will never travel

i will remember you

when i have learned the rustle of rivers

when i have learned the inconvenient gestures of compassion

when i have learned to be infinitely present

& yet invisible like the sky

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