Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Journey

These are our students. Sitting by the Kanavu pond in a rare, peaceful moment in our journey. I had planned to write about our journey together while we were on it but as I wrote in Bangalore and never posted:
"Namaste from Bangalore! I have now been away from Toronto for close to three weeks - first in Boston, then Geneva and now Bangalore. During that time, my life as a traveling professor has been so intense that I haven't had a moment to start this blog! In Boston, we had intense but productive meetings."

Things never changed. Things never became less intense. I rarely had time to reflect on our experiences let alone write about them. Then I came back and thought it would be pointless to write about our journey after the fact. Now I'm being taken back on the winding, spiralling paths as I think of Josh and remember so many moments we shared. While he is detained in Iran with our communication abruptly and painfully cut short, moments of memories randomly flash through my mind. And I want to take our journey together again.

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